Innovative engineering skills
dedicated craftmanship

Full speed ahead

Although the Göhler Group consists of a large number of family-run individual companies, we pursue a common goal and espouse the same philosophy.

Our philosophy

Safeguarding jobs through satisfied customers. We attach great importance to the continuous advancement and training of our employees so that our customers receive professional, highly qualified advice and can absolutely rely on our production. The training and further education measures are subject of the Göhler quality management system and are constantly being further developed. Your opinion is also welcome! Regular customer surveys provide us with a meaningful picture of the results of the training measures initiated.

What we believe:

  • Profitable growth through a comprehensive quality policy
  • Competency development through employee qualification
  • Implementation and improvement of the Göhler quality management system
  • Striving for certification in all relevant areas
  • Supplier monitoring and evaluation
  • Social involvement

Our environmental guidelines

We have expressly set ourselves the goal of acting in harmony with our environment in all our business activities and thus making a decisive contribution to protecting and preserving it. This is also reflected in our ISO 14001 certification, which is not limited to the manufacture of our products and services.

It is our claim:

  • Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations
  • Compliance with the requirements imposed on us regarding environmental protection and occupational safety
  • Observance of environmentally compatible procedures in the design and construction of our plants
  • Consideration of environmental protection and the economical use of natural resources as our social obligation
  • Orientation to the guiding principle of sustainable management
  • Economical use of energy, raw materials and water
  • Avoidance of environmental pollution such as waste, wastewater, emissions and noise
  • Continuous reduction of environmental pollution and improvement of air quality
  • Responsible handling of chemicals
  • Continuous promotion of environmental awareness among our employees
  • Responsible procurement of raw materials
  • Active commitment to a balanced relationship between ecology and economy