Innovative engineering skills
dedicated craftmanship

Competence in the automotive industry

A glance at our reference list shows that we are no strangers to well-known car brands.

Göhler has been an automotive industry partner for decades in two respects: Worldwide, we build the supply automotive manufacturing and development with technology for test stands, refrigerant systems, and much more in the area of water-contaminating and flammable media. In addition, as one of the leading companies for vehicle repair shop technology, we also bring out the main points in planning, construction, and maintenance in car dealerships.

In the automotive supplier industry or directly with the automobile manufacturer, we provide simple standard solutions ranging all the way to customer-specific implementation – from a single source.

Industry-specific examples

  • Complete production facilities for manufacturing detergents and cleaning agents
  • Tank storage and supply stations for liquid media
  • Mixing systems for intermediate and final products in batch and continuous operation
  • Dosing systems
  • Pigging technology
  • Conditioning of raw materials and intermediate and end products
  • Peripheral plant systems such as steam and cooling water systems and compressed air and demineralized water generation
  • Expansion of existing production facilities

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