Innovative engineering skills
dedicated craftmanship

Competence in chemical trade

We support well-known suppliers of all kinds of liquid chemicals by building or modifying their systems and keeping them at the cutting edge of technology. For the chemical trade, the Göhler Group provides complete storage and handling facilities and can therefore be at your side as a competent and reliable partner for the realization of your projects.

For many years, we have been an advisory member of the German Chemical Trade Association (Verband Chemiehandel, VCH) for the cost-oriented and practical implementation of current regulations in technical law. Our participation in the associated "Technology and Environment” working group ensures that we are always informed about future developments in the field of regulations and practical solutions and are able to take these into account in a timely manner when tendering solutions.

Industry-specific examples

  • Calibratable measuring sections as volume or mass measurement
  • Mixing systems
  • Container filling stations
  • Unloading stations for rail tank cars and tank trucks
  • TTF filling systems via top and bottom loading arms
  • Piggable pipelines for single and double pig systems
  • Tank farm management with recipe administration

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