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Backflush trolley

The most recent legislation on alternative fuels and fuel consumption reduction mean a large number of new and additional fuels for engine and aggregate development.

If there is a fuel change on the test bench, the entire fuel system and engine flow and return lines must usually be flushed with the new fuel, and a consumption measuring device must be used.

Due to the environmentally hazardous properties of fuels, special demands are placed on operating personnel and work equipment. To solve this problem, Göhler Anlagentechnik has developed a backflush trolley. This dispenses with the handling of canisters and open containers.

  • Mobile execution
  • Flushing the fuel system with nitrogen or by means of a fuel pump
  • Emptying the backflush tank in a central collecting tank, either with nitrogen flushing or with a pump
  • Explosion-proof design
  • Medium-affected parts made of stainless steel

Goehler_Loesung_Rueckspuelwagen.pdf (140 KB)