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In addition to the experience gained in the construction of kerosene tank systems, an increasing number of references have been collected in recent years in the construction of aircraft de-icing-agent systems.

In just a few months, Göhler Anlagentechnik, in cooperation with high-performance subcontractors, built the largest and most modern de-icing agent system in Europe at Frankfurt Airport. The short construction time was made possible by the innovative modular technology in self-supporting design, without system-specific building and civil engineering work. The total storage volume of 540,000 liters in 18 double-walled containers can be moved to another de-icing point at any time.

Capacity can be expanded at short notice without major installation work. Most of the system components are prefabricated at the factory, reducing the usual obstacles to day-to-day airport operations to a minimum.

Our deliverables:

  • Detail engineering
  • New construction, conversion, and expansion work
  • Planning in 3D
  • Process automation and visualization
  • Fault monitoring system
  • Fire alarm system
  • UPS system
  • De-icing/anti-icing
  • Operation via touch panel
  • Water preheating system
  • Steel construction
  • PC control station system
  • Energy management
  • Redundant reverse osmosis system for water treatment
  • Simultaneous filling of six de-icing vehicles with de-icing agent, premix, and water
  • Construction coordination with the health and safety coordinator and approved inspection agency
  • Object monitoring

Industry-specific examples from our program:

  • Planning and approval preparation
  • Concrete filling station
  • Pipeline construction
  • CAD
  • Tank and steel construction
  • Viscosity-dependent pipeline design
  • Water quality optimization
  • Full service provider with all necessary specialist company qualifications (such as WHG – Water Management Act, ElexV – Regulations for electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres, BetrSichV – Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health)
  • Coordination of a construction site health and safety coordinator
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Control cabinet construction and automation systems
  • Visualization systems with touch screen panel
  • Complete electrical installation in the compact systems
  • Database for fleet management
  • References from the following airports: Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne-Bonn, Hanover, Frankfurt am Main, Skopje (Macedonia)

Goehler_Loesung_De-Icing.pdf (229 KB)