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Fuel mixing system

The most recent legislation on alternative fuels and fuel consumption reduction mean a large number of new and additional fuels for engine and aggregate development. The different mixing ratios for fuels with ethanol and methanol content result in an especially broad spectrum. The procurement of these special fuels means not only a long delivery time, but also high costs for supply and storage. And the quantity required for a check run is often not the same as the quantity ordered.

To solve these problems, Göhler Anlagentechnik has developed an inline mixing system that continuously provides the fuel at the desired concentration.

  • Demand-driven fuel production (quantity/concentration)
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the concentration (gasoline to ethanol, for instance)
  • High concentration accuracy and mixture stability
  • Fuel concentration can be changed during test operation
  • Can be performed with a concentration check
  • Mobile execution
  • Connection to central fuel supply system
  • Can be performed from drum storage
  • Direct feed into the fuel consumption measurement system
  • Mobile unit
  • Compact construction
  • Medium-affected parts made of stainless steel

Goehler_Loesung_Kraftstoffmischanlage.pdf (1 MB)