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Hardening systems

The Göhler group offers future-oriented technologies for safe production operation. Our trained personnel will support you in complying with legal requirements, from engineering to installation to commissioning and maintenance.

Our deliverables in detail:

  • Construction of complete tank farms for NH3 and methanol
  • NH3 supply from pressurized gas drums with gas or liquid extraction
  • Ammonia evaporators and pressure control stations
  • Methanol supply from containers (IBCs)
  • Propane gas supply from tanks and cylinders

Industry-specific examples from our program:

  • Storage and filling systems for methanol
  • Complete electrical installation on the compact systems
  • Ammonia supply from pressurized gas barrels and cylinders
  • Stationary storage tanks for ammonia
  • NH3 compact systems in container evaporator and pressure control stations for ammonia NH3 filters and oil separators to protect the MFC
  • Continuous methanol supply from transport containers (IBCs)
  • Automatic drum switching with PLC technology maintenance and repair
  • Control cabinet construction and automation systems
  • Visualization systems with touch screen panel
  • Full service provider with all necessary specialist company qualifications (such as WHG – Water Management Act, TRbF – Technical rules concerning flammable liquids, ATEX, etc.)

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