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Mobile de-icing agent delivery

The mere thought is frightening. At the airport, the de-icing agent system suddenly gives out – the feed pump malfunctions. The suction pipe is clogged. The aircraft cannot be de-iced because no spare pump is in stock. Downtime costs for your airport skyrocket because scheduled aircraft cannot take off.

Our mobile pump trailer allows you to avoid such process disturbances flexibly and cost-effectively. The mobile pump trailer transports de-icing agent quickly and easily from your storage tank/ISO container or 1000-liter IBC container to the de-icing agent vehicle.

The utility increases if you refill the de-icing agent from the vehicles into the tank farm after the winter season.

Possible applications:

  • Quick and variable extraction from various storage containers
  • Gentle transport of all de-icing agents: Types I, II, IV
  • Output smoothly controllable up to 250 l/min
  • Hose length of 2.9 m with DN80 tanker couplings
  • Dispensing hose with DN50 leak-free dry coupling
  • Hose storage brackets with safety catches to prevent slipping
  • Replacement storage in an aluminum tool box
  • Lighting in the pump trailer and at the control point
  • Snow- and waterproof box body with lockable double wing door
  • Dry run protection device for feed pump
  • Pressure sensors with switch-off function to increase system safety
  • ANA control to reduce retention volume in the event of an accident
  • Suction lance for storage tanks and IBC containers
  • Digital flow rate measurement with total and batch counters


  • Securing of de-icing processes
  • Multifunctional application for pump malfunctions
  • Refilling of the de-icing agent vehicles
  • Increase in output performance
  • Mobile taps for de-icing agents

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