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Red diesel

The 2006 German Energy Tax Act makes it possible to use tax-privileged fuel under certain conditions.

Test benches are usually fixed installations. If the test bench is operated with asynchronous engines, it counts as a favoured system* and can be operated with tax-privileged fuel. Consult your customs office!

The cost advantage of tax-privileged fuel over the taxed fuel is enormous, so restructuring an existing fuel supply system pays for itself very quickly. Even the expansion of a separate storage and supply unit for tax-privileged fuel pays off quickly.

Please contact us or write us at, to determine the costs for the conversion of your system and the savings potential!

We perform the following:

  • Inventory of your existing fuel system
  • Advice and identification of restructuring opportunities
  • Determination of the savings potential
  • Modification and commissioning of your system
  • Documentation for customs authorities

Goehler_Loesung_Roter_Diesel.pdf (157 KB)

* Section 3 of the German Energy Tax Act (EnergieStG) – Privileged systems
(1) Privileged systems are fixed installations
1. whose mechanical energy serves solely to produce power...