Innovative engineering skills
dedicated craftmanship

Competence in the plasticsindustry

We also offer high-quality complete solutions for the plastics industry, from simple standard solutions to the production of customer-specific requirements.

Our main tasks include the construction and maintenance of tank farms, mixing stations, and pipelines for liquid raw materials such as polyols, isocyanates, caprolactam, and resins.

Our solutions also include the production of liquid-tight filling surfaces with collecting chambers, of course.

Industry-specific examples

  • Concept for installing above-ground containers without drip trays
  • Uninterruptible supply of IBC goods with automatic replenishment to increase system safety
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • TTF unloading stations with gas displacement systems and pressure superimposition
  • Filling of raw materials in retail containers by means of gravimetric or volumetric dosing
  • High-precision dosing of small quantities of mixing containers via coarse and fine dosing valves
  • High pressure ring line for supplying mixing heads in container unloading stations

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