Innovative engineering skills
dedicated craftmanship

Competence in supply and disposal

Our specialists for the supply and disposal industry are distinguished by their sound specialist knowledge and implement individual solutions. Whether systems for liquid gas supply, heavy installation (for exhaust pipes up to DN 2200, for example), ammonia supply for NOx reduction, secondary fuel supply or chemical supply for sewage treatment plants.

Our range of applications continues to include fuel supply of backup power units and safe storage, retention, and filling of residual materials. The Göhler group guarantees you system safety, security of supply, and the strictest adherence to legal requirements.

Industry-specific examples

  • Storage, filling, and handling systems for liquid and gaseous media
  • Unloading of RTCs, TTFs, and tanker vessels
  • Evaporator systems for NH3 (heated by electricity, steam, and hot water)
  • Spray and contact evaporator for ammonia water
  • Volume control and mixed air supply in the DeNOx range
  • Diesel supply for backup power units
  • Tank systems for liquid residues (waste oil, solvents, etc.)
  • Refurbishment of existing tank systems and filling areas
  • Bus communication with connection to higher-level process control systems
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics systems

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