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golf as a school subject

A further project is the health promotion of teenagers.

Lately, the first high school offers golf as a school subject.

A cooperation with the golf club Aschaffenburg is necessary to practice this sport not only in a hall. Sponsors like the Göhler company were found to realise a Putting-Green as well as a motion centre with an outdoor fitness facility on the school grounds.

The inauguration took place on 6 May 2019. Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer, founder of the Dietrich Grönemeyer foundation GmbH for prevention and health promotion, was the prominent special guest of this event. During this event, Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer carried out an integral health training with 150 pupils and teachers.

“Children learn to switch off certain areas in their brain during golfing to concentrate on the essentials”, Grönemeyer says.

Besides the physical training, golf supports the concentration and requires strength of nerve. The “world of golf” demands not only the studying of an extensive set of rules and regulations but also etiquette and rules of conduct. No matter who wants to obtain the license to play golf courses must even attend school.

Concentration, strength of nerve, respect, motivation, rules and etiquette: Aren’t they also basic conditions for our daily (business) life? You see!

This is explained in a playful manner for which we – the older ones – invest much money to develop our motivation, self-organisation and control. In confidence: The communicating of etiquettes did not harm to anybody yet. We finally had our baron von Knigge, too…

Even one more thing: Golf takes place in the nature, is healthy and sets up social networks –without any smartphone…

Just think about it!

Your Michael Göhler