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Those who plan, construct, and maintain operational systems must consider various regulations from different fields of law. This is especially true of the handling of flammable, environmentally hazardous, or pressurized media or media that is harmful to health. It's easy to lose track of it all.

Consideration of the relevant requirements in consulting, approval, project planning, and maintenance is, of course, also part of our what we do as a certified specialist company. We therefore offer our business partners additional, extraordinary services.

Our library of rules and regulations

We manage all the rules and regulations related to our activities and cooperation with our customers in an electronic library of rules and regulations. If you are interested in certain regulations, a specialist consultant from our range of services can provide you with competent help!

If no copyright laws prevents it, the responsible consultant can even send you the rules in question by e-mail.

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Recommended reference works

Although free reference works on the Internet are not always complete or up-to-date, we can only recommend them thanks to their extensive content and easy access.

Among them are the following: