What we stand for

At Göhler, we work together to deliver innovative craftsmanship and use our engineering skills to overcome the challenges of everyday life.

This is what allows us to provide the quality that Göhler is known for and to keep developing and improving – perhaps it might even make us a “hidden champion”? One thing that definitely isn’t hidden is our employees: They are passionate about our customers’ projects, they work together to solve problems, and they celebrate successes as a team.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly practices are a key priority for us, because we see it as our duty to protect our environment and use resources responsibly. This philosophy extends across all our sites throughout Germany.

Even though Göhler now operates on a global scale, it has retained its family feel – and with good reason!

The Göhler family

Founded by Franz Göhler in 1950 and now run by Maximilian and Victoria Göhler – the fourth generation of the family – Göhler Anlagentechnik is a family business through and through. Just as Michael Göhler has laid the foundation for the new generation and the current sites, Rudi and Bernd Göhler were there before him to steer the company confidently into the future.

And it’s not just within the family that the founder’s passion lives on – it carries over to the company’s employees as well.

This can be seen in the way that they work together and support and encourage each other – something that everyone in the company can rely on.

Göhler GmbH und Co. KG, Anlagentechnik v.l.n.r.: Victoria Göhler, Michael Göhler, Maximilian Göhler

Become part of
the family

If you are passionate about craftsmanship and want to be part of something big, Göhler is the perfect company for you! Whether you like working with your hands or want to focus on the technical or commercial side of things, we offer excellent career opportunities. We are also keen to nurture the talent of tomorrow.

More information about Göhler as an employer can be found on our careers page.

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