Whistleblower system

Correct and rule-compliant behavior has top priority for Göhler Anlagentechnik and is anchored in our compliance guidelines. In order to be able to meet this requirement, it is important to learn of potential misconduct and to remedy it. The whistleblower system of Göhler Anlagentechnik is intended to provide the opportunity to report potential breaches of rules by employees, customers, suppliers and third parties.

In this way, we want to continuously improve.

Every report of a breach of rules is checked and followed up. The essential cornerstone of a whistleblower system is the principle of a fair procedure. We also guarantee the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, those affected and the employees involved in clarifying the information. Pressure on whistleblowers and all persons who contribute to promoting correct behavior at Göhler will not be accepted. The presumption of innocence applies to those affected until the violation has been proven. Investigations are carried out in compliance with the highest level of confidentiality.

You have the option of contacting us by e-mail and exchanging documents if necessary.
In order for your report to be processed and investigated appropriately, it is important that the report is as specific as possible.

It is therefore helpful if you consider the five W-questions when making your report:
Who? What? When? How? Where?

As a person providing information, please make sure that your descriptions can also be understood by people outside your field of expertise. It is helpful if you are available for further questions.

Important note: If your preferred language is not German or English, you can report in any other language.

E-mail address: feedback@goehler.de

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