Fuel tank farm
incl. refueling of test vehicles

Project scope

  • Tank farm with 41.6 m³ gross storage volume for gasoline and diesel fuels
  • 3D planning, supply of storage tanks, control system, filling cabinet, pump stations, dispensing stations, piping and commissioning


  • 1x 30m³ fresh goods tank (5 chambers, underground double-walled)
  • 1x 10m³ used fuel tank (2 chambers, underground double-walled)
  • Special fuel storage with 8x200L drums
  • 15x separate pump stations
  • 1x fuel mixing station
  • Dispensing station with 16 dispensing valves incl. quantity preselection and used fuel extraction
  • Gas recirculation via activated carbon barrel
  • Piping construction double- and single-walled.
  • Siemens S7 control system
Construction period
03.2017 - 11.2018
Contract volume
900.000 €
Construction & installation
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