Car workshop technology - the functional centres

Each workshop has six functional areas that work together to create a positive and sustainable overall experience for customers and employees. This necessitates a sophisticated professionally flawless workshop concept and optimal implementation.

1. Acceptance

First impressions count – that’s why the dialogue acceptance is an important aspect of your car dealership, which can inspire your customers’ confidence with the right ambience and facilitate new or second-hand car sales, for instance Customers have to feel they are in good hands straight away for them to wish to use your workshop.

2. Inspection and main inspection

This functional centre according to Section 29 of vehicles is spatially separated from the dialogue acceptance. Standard-compliant workshop technology is particularly important in this test section, as statutory provisions must be observed. We provide you with our recommendations that are tailored to your needs for this.

3. Driver assistance systems

Depending on the car manufacturer, your workshop must meet certain specifications for driver assistance systems. As a certified partner, we offer you the equipment you need to ensure that your vehicles are correctly adjusted.

4. Maintenance & Repair

We provide you with an economical solution for your workshop technology with high-quality and space-saving underfloor lifting platforms that also meet the requirements of electric mobility and alternative drives. This provides you with complete flexibility for service, maintenance and repair.

5. Bodywork repair

We keep the body shop clean and quiet so you can have your vehicle repairs and overhauls performed quickly and without any noise. Furthermore, we generously divide our work up into different functional areas such as damage management, dismantling, straightening work, etc.

6. Maintenance & Washing

By thoughtfully designing your maintenance area and washing facilities away from the customer’s immediate field of vision, we also install appropriate technology. A future-oriented workshop is concerned with the issue of environmental protection and works in a manner that ensures tap water is not wasted through the employment of biological waste water treatment systems. The sustainability factor therefore also flows into our workshop planning.

Your benefits with Göhler

Efficient and well-organised design of your car dealership
Reduction of idle times
Increasing throughput rates by means of efficient workshop technology
Tailor-made solutions with a sophisticated workshop concept
Economic success by means of a functional process sequence
Sustainable workshop planning
Fit for a climate-neutral future
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