Car workshop technology planning

To begin with, we analyse the sequence of an order in your workshop and the need for optimisation and create a new workshop concept from this.

In doing so, we go through all possible process paths and phases in order to analyse the workflows consistently and in detail. The goal is to design a workshop in such a way that every square metre contains sophisticated functionality.

The technology within your business is not only created while observing all the current regulations, but also with the human factor in mind. Our goal: To make your operation as efficient and economical as possible and to integrate employee and customer requirements within the workshop planning in a goal-oriented manner.

Creating a foundation

To ensure efficiency and profitability, we record various items of key data of the business, that are based on a realistic foundation:

  • Employee structure within the workshop
  • Workshop tours
  • Vehicle sales
  • Working hours models
  • Car dealership structure

Your benefits with Göhler

Cost-efficient and sustainable planning
Holistic approach
Customised solutions for businesses of all kinds
Many years of experience with constantly updated expertise
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