Car workshop technology Media supply

The modern car dealership cannot manage without central supply and disposal systems. In your workshop too, you will work with numerous substances that are hazardous to water and which must be handled correctly. This point must be considered in an efficient workshop concept and a suitable solution found.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Fresh oils
  • Cooling liquids
  • AbBlue
  • Compressed Air
  • Suction removals
  • Used oil
  • Waste water

Our service on your behalf:

  • Our bespoke workshop planning takes into account regulations, varieties of types and the required quantity of your media to ensure an optimum storage capacity as well as type-approved containers 
  • We design your supply and disposal systems completely, in accordance with WHG/VAwS [Water Resources Act/Ordinance on Installations for Handling Substances Hazardous to Water and on Specialist Companies] as well as TRbF [Technical Rules for Flammable Liquids] and they are issued with the requisite documentation 
  • We perform the periodic inspections of your workshop for you 
  • You can rely on our expertise and reliability as a certified specialist company in matters of plant engineering in addition to servicing and maintenance 
  • In collaboration with you, our expert consultants will compile all the necessary key data to create a sophisticated workshop concept
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