Coastal power plant K.I.E.L. - tank farm

Project scope

  • Central tank farm with filling station to supply the gas engines in the power plant.
  • Media: urea solution, lubricating oil and fuel oil (filling lines caustic soda, hydrochloric acid)
  • Complete 3D planning
  • Piping, pump technology, fittings, measurement technology
  • Complete electrical engineering incl. visualization


  • Standing, double-walled storage tanks (heated) with our bottom outlet.
  • Draining station with sump fully coated (against acid, alkali and oils)
  • Double-walled plastic pipes for caustic soda and hydrochloric acid
  • Redundant 24/7 operation of the urine supply
Construction period
07.2017 - 04.2018
Contract volume
1.200.000 €
Construction & installation
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