Maintenance of your plant engineering

Once a plant is in place, it is important to check it regularly and perform the necessary maintenance and repairs. Especially where technical facilities are concerned that involve the handling of liquids that are hazardous to water, it is imperative to ensure that they are maintained in a perfect condition.

In plant engineering, the maintenance of the technology used is essential for many reasons. Properly performed maintenance and servicing ensures the safety of plant personnel by preventing hazards and unexpected downtimes. The reliability and efficiency of the plant engineering is improved by reducing the probability of plant failures. It also helps to protect the environment by reducing emissions and other environmental impacts. The service life of the entire plant is extended by a significant amount. And this naturally also minimises the repair and replacement costs.

The servicing and maintenance are therefore essential in ensuring the safe, reliable, efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly operation of the plant.


Our service on your behalf

Göhler stands for innovation and quality, and we ensure that your plant engineering is in optimum condition through professionally executed maintenance and servicing.

  • We perform recurrent inspections and carry out any necessary repairs immediately.
  • Göhler also supports recurrent inspections as well as acceptance tests by the technical inspection organisations and offers service contracts for the continuous monitoring of the quality of your systems.
  • In doing so, we operate around the clock, seven days a week, to sustainably increase the operating life of your plants.

In each case, it is clear that maintenance and servicing not only make a decisive contribution to the safe and trouble-free operation of the process and plant engineering, but also guarantee the longevity of the plant.

Your benefits with Göhler

Rapid availability round the clock
Legal certainty thanks to Göhler inspection service
Remote operation on request
Extend the service life of your systems
High cost-effectiveness of operating systems
Less downtime/fewer faults thanks to continuous checks
Reduced idle time thanks to rapid response


Keeping plants in good shape so that they run like new is part of our daily routine. Here you will find a few “old acquaintances” that we can still motivate to top performance even after years.



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